PWM based DC Motor Speed Control

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The PWM based DC Motor Speed Control kit enables precise speed adjustment of DC motors using ARDUINO microcontrollers. It includes essential components like motor drivers and potentiometers for versatile applications in robotics, automation, and DIY projects.

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The PWM based DC Motor Speed Control using ARDUINO Microcontroller is a versatile kit designed for controlling the speed of DC motors with precision. This kit utilizes pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques implemented through an ARDUINO microcontroller, allowing users to adjust the motor speed with ease. With the provided components and instructions, users can quickly assemble and configure the system to suit their specific motor control requirements.


  • Utilizes pulse width modulation (PWM) for precise control of DC motor speed.
  • Compatible with ARDUINO microcontrollers, providing a versatile and customizable platform.
  • Includes necessary components such as motor driver modules, potentiometers, and jumper wires for convenient setup.
  • Offers adjustable speed control, allowing users to fine-tune motor speeds according to application requirements.
  • Supports bidirectional motor control, enabling forward and reverse motion capabilities.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for adjusting motor speed via potentiometer inputs.
  • Offers flexibility for integration into various projects and applications requiring DC motor speed control.

Components Included:

  • ARDUINO Microcontroller Board
  • Motor Driver Module
  • Potentiometer(s)
  • Jumper Wires
  • DC Motor(s)
  • Power Supply
  • Other necessary hardware components


  • Robotics projects requiring precise control of motor speed for movement and manipulation tasks.
  • Automation systems for adjusting conveyor belt speeds, robotic arms, and other mechanical components.
  • DIY electronics projects involving motorized devices such as fans, pumps, and vehicles.
  • Educational experiments and demonstrations for learning about PWM-based motor control principles.
  • Prototyping and development of customized motor control solutions for industrial and commercial applications.


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