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SR Robotics

SR robotics is a Kota based education company, providing Robotics education to School and College students, and providing the right platform to enhance their designing and logical thinking. SR robotics providing Robotics education to students on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Do-It-Your-Self Learning Methodology, so that student can learn his studies in a practical way.We must prepare students so they have a strong foundation in STEM subject and are able to use this knowledge in their personal and professional lives. And we must inspire students so that all are motivated to study STEM subject in school.

SR robotics is a dynamic and growing organization passionate and dedicated to teaching kids digital technology. Our goal is to ignite a child’s individual creativity, intellect, and interest by providing a variety of computer-based courses designed to introduce new concepts and develop core competencies in many of today’s cutting-edge technologies.



I am amazon seller since 2017. Our mission is to provide handmade kit and project on affordable price.


If you want to build a robot or projects at any academic level. We provide the solutions and help to make a project.


We provide a technical platform for the School and College students. It consists of fundamentals and practical concepts of basic electronics, basic mechanics, robotics and its various applications. The students will learn basics concepts and will gain the practical experience while working on a robotics kit.


If you want to learn more about the embedded systems, we provide the training in three levels which is level-0 to level-3, if you want to know more about these levels then contact us.