Tap Hand Sanitizer Circuit

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The Tap Hand Sanitizer Circuit offers touchless hand sanitization with its ultrasonic sensor and solenoid valve, providing cost-effective and efficient sanitization. With a half-second activation, it dispenses 2 to 3ml of sanitizer, making it suitable for various environments.

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The Tap Hand Sanitizer Circuit is a cost-effective solution for touchless hand sanitization, featuring a PCB board and ultrasonic sensor. This DIY kit provides a simple and efficient way to dispense sanitizer drops without the need for a pump, making it ideal for various environments.


  • Utilizes ultrasonic sensor technology for touchless operation
  • Dispenses sanitizer drops for half a second, delivering 2 to 3ml per activation
  • Works with 24V or 12V DC power supply, ensuring versatile compatibility
  • Tested and verified by SR Robotics for reliability and durability
  • Low-cost kit, offering an affordable sanitization solution

Components Included:

  • PCB board
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Solenoid valve (SV)


  • Suitable for use in public restrooms, commercial establishments, offices, and other high-traffic areas.
  • Provides a hygienic hand sanitization option without the need for physical contact.
  • Offers an economical solution for promoting cleanliness and preventing the spread of germs.


Watch the video to understand its working:






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