Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy

What is exchange policy? 2 Days Exchange Policy.
Though we aim to give you a great experience each time you shop with us, if at all you are not 100% satisfied with your product i.e. any error is found in the product you can exchange your order with us.
All you need to give us a call at +91 9024388937 (10AM to 5PM) or drop an email at with the error experienced by the user within a period of 2 days, from your order date.
However, you must understand that we can’t bear a loss either; so, exchange of products will be accepted only if the products are returned in a proper & undamaged condition. The customer would have to bear the cost of sending the product back to us. Further, once the product is received by us, it would be checked for the mentioned error. If error found then the product would be exchanged, if in case there is no error then the customer would have to bear the re-shipping cost as well.
Name: Ecommerce Services.

Which products could be exchanged?
Every product under could be exchanged once checked and verified by the technical team other than the merchandise products.

In which area is exchange available?
Exchange is available in each and every geographical area.
Is it possible to exchange any other product with the ordered product?
Under the exchange policy, there is no provision of exchanging your order with any other product. The order could only be replaced if error is found.

How soon would the exchanged product be received?
As soon as the product is received by us, we would send it to our technical team for error checked. Once checked, the user would be notified about the status of error or no error. As soon as confirmation is received by the buyer, the product would be re-shipped by us. For shipping time kindly check our shipping category for details.

Would you be charged for exchange?
If the product received by us is found error free with the mentioned error, then the buyer would be charged for re-shipping charges. Otherwise the product would be exchanged and re-shipped to the buyer free of cost.

Can the product be re-exchanged?
If the re-shipped product is found to have error, then the buyer can apply for re-exchanged. The procedure would be same as in exchanged policy.

Can the exchanged be cancelled?
Yes, the exchange could be cancelled but the buyer would be charged for re-shipping.

Is exchanged available if the shipping and re-shipping addresses are different?
Yes, exchange is available under this case. But if the product is found with error then the extra amount for shipping to the new address would be charged if any. If product is error-free then the customer would have to pay the re-shipping charge for the mentioned new address.