5V Relay (2 Pieces)

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The 5V Relay Kit includes two relay modules for controlling high-power devices with low-voltage signals. It features screw terminals, LED indicators, and is suitable for automation, home projects, and industrial applications.

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The 5V Relay Kit consists of two relay modules, each capable of controlling high-power electrical devices with a low-voltage signal. This versatile kit offers an easy solution for interfacing microcontrollers with various appliances and systems, making it ideal for automation and control projects.


  • Two relay modules included, providing flexibility for multiple applications.
  • Allows control of high-power devices using low-voltage signals, enhancing compatibility with microcontrollers.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy integration into projects.
  • Screw terminals for secure and convenient wiring connections.
  • LED indicators for visual status feedback, facilitating troubleshooting and monitoring.

Components Included:

  1. Two 5V relay modules.


  1. The relay modules are designed to switch high-power electrical devices on and off using a low-voltage control signal, typically from a microcontroller.
  2. When the control signal is applied, the relay switches from its default position, allowing or interrupting the flow of current to the connected device.
  3. The relay modules feature screw terminals for easy and secure wiring connections, making installation straightforward.
  4. LED indicators on the relay modules provide visual feedback, indicating the relay’s status (e.g., energized or de-energized).


  • Home automation projects, such as controlling lights, fans, or appliances remotely.
  • Industrial automation applications, including controlling motors, pumps, or valves.
  • Smart agriculture systems for controlling irrigation pumps or greenhouse equipment.
  • Security systems for activating alarms, door locks, or surveillance cameras.
  • Automotive projects, such as controlling relays for lighting, heating, or cooling systems.