Clap Control Fan

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The Clap Control Fan circuit allows users to turn a fan on/off with a simple clap sound. It utilizes a small microphone to convert sound into an electrical signal, triggering a relay connected to the fan or LED for convenient hands-free control.

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Experience hands-free control of your fan with our Clap Control Fan circuit. This simple yet effective project utilizes clap sound to trigger a relay, allowing you to effortlessly turn your fan on or off. Perfect for beginners and electronics enthusiasts alike, this circuit offers an exciting opportunity for experimentation and learning.


  • Converts clap sound into an electrical signal to control a relay, which in turn switches the fan on or off.
  • Ideal project for beginners in electronics, offering a fun and educational experience.
  • Can control a 9-volt fan connected at the output wire.
  • Includes all necessary electronic parts for easy assembly and experimentation.

Components Included:

  • Small Microphone: Detects clap sound and converts it into an electrical signal.
  • Relay: Controls the on/off function of the electrical device connected at the output socket.
  • Powerline Connection: Connects to the powerline for controlling a 220V load.
  • Electronic Components: Includes all necessary electronic parts for assembling the clap switch circuit.
  • 6V Relay: Serves as the switch to control the electrical device based on the detected clap sound.


  1. Clap sound is received by the small microphone in the circuit.
  2. The microphone converts the clap sound into an electrical signal.
  3. The relay contact, connected to the 9-volt battery, turns the fan on/off based on the received signal.
  4. When a clap is detected, the relay is triggered, activating the fan.
  5. Subsequent claps can be used to toggle the fan or LED on and off as desired.


  • Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists interested in electronics and circuitry.
  • Great for educational purposes, providing hands-on learning about sound-controlled circuits.
  • Can be used in homes, offices, or classrooms to control fans or lighting with a simple clap gesture.



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