Density based Traffic Signal Control System

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Density Based Traffic Signal Control System utilizes Arduino and IR Sensor to manage traffic flow based on vehicle density, optimizing signal timing. Components include Arduino UNO, IR Sensor, LEDs, and TSOP Module for emergency vehicle priority.

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The Density Based Traffic Signal Control System utilizing Arduino and IR Sensor offers an efficient solution for managing traffic flow based on vehicle density. With its intelligent design, it helps alleviate congestion and reduce waiting times at traffic signals.


  • Smart Traffic Control: Automatically adjusts traffic signal timing based on vehicle density to optimize traffic flow.
  • Emergency Vehicle Priority: Includes a TSOP Module with IR Remote for emergency vehicles to ensure prompt passage.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easy-to-understand interface and simple setup make it suitable for various traffic management applications.

Components Included:

  • Arduino UNO: Core microcontroller for processing traffic data and controlling signal timing.
  • TSOP Module with IR Remote: Facilitates priority passage for emergency vehicles.
  • IR Sensor: Detects vehicle presence to determine traffic density.
  • 9V Battery: Provides power supply for the system.
  • Battery Cap: Ensures secure connection for the battery.
  • LEDs (Red, Yellow, Green): Indicates traffic signal status.
  • 220 Ohm Resistors: Regulates current flow to the LEDs.


  • Urban Traffic Management: Helps regulate traffic flow in cities and urban areas to reduce congestion.
  • Highway Traffic Control: Optimizes traffic signals on highways and expressways to improve efficiency.
  • Emergency Vehicle Access: Provides priority passage for emergency vehicles during critical situations.



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