IoT based Smart Home Control System

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Smart Home Control System integrates NodeMCU, Blynk server, relay modules, and capacitive touch sensors for IoT-enabled home automation, utilizing encoder, RF module, and decoder for wireless remote control, facilitating customizable lighting, appliance management, security integration, and automation scenarios.

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Smart Home Control System, a versatile and intuitive solution designed to enhance home automation capabilities. This system combines wireless remote control, touch button functionality, and IoT integration for seamless and customizable home management.


  • Utilizes NodeMCU ESP8266 for IoT connectivity, allowing remote control and monitoring via the Blynk server.
  • Integrates relay modules for switching power to connected devices and appliances, enabling remote operation.
  • Features capacitive touch sensors for intuitive and user-friendly touch button control of home automation functions.
  • Incorporates a transformer, diodes, capacitor, and LM7805 voltage regulator for stable power supply and voltage regulation.
  • Includes an encoder (HT 12E) and RF module (Tx 434) for wireless communication between the remote control and the control system.
  • Utilizes a decoder (HT 12D) for receiving and decoding signals from the remote control, enabling wireless command execution.


  • NodeMCU ESP8266
  • Blynk Server
  • Relay Modules
  • Capacitive Touch Sensors
  • Transformer Diodes
  • Capacitor
  • LM7805 Voltage Regulator
  • Encoder (HT 12E)
  • RF Module (Tx 434/Rx 434)
  • Decoder (HT 12D)


  1. The NodeMCU ESP8266 connects to the Blynk server, allowing users to remotely control and monitor home automation functions via the Blynk app or web interface.
  2. Relay modules are used to switch power to connected devices and appliances based on commands received from the remote control or Blynk server.
  3. Capacitive touch sensors provide touch button functionality for convenient and intuitive control of home automation functions without physical buttons.
  4. The transformer steps down the voltage from the mains power supply to a suitable level for the control system, while diodes rectify AC voltage to DC voltage.
  5. The capacitor filters and smoothes the output voltage, and the LM7805 voltage regulator ensures stable and consistent power supply to the control system.
  6. The encoder (HT 12E) encodes commands from the touch buttons or remote control into digital signals, which are transmitted wirelessly via the RF module (Tx 434).
  7. The decoder (HT 12D) receives and decodes signals from the remote control, enabling wireless command execution for home automation functions.


  • Lighting Control: Enables users to remotely control and dim lights, set lighting schedules, and create ambiance in different rooms.
  • Appliance Management: Allows remote operation of appliances such as fans, air conditioners, and TVs for convenience and energy efficiency.
  • Security Integration: Integrates with home security systems to remotely arm/disarm alarms, control surveillance cameras, and monitor entry points.
  • Customizable Automation: Offers customizable automation scenarios based on user preferences, including temperature control, irrigation, and smart locks.