Fire Alarm Project

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The Fire Alarm School Science Project Working Model is an educational kit featuring a realistic house model, fire sensor, buzzer, and battery for simulating fire alarm functionality. It helps students understand fire safety measures by demonstrating how the system detects heat or smoke and triggers an alarm with a loud sound alert.

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The Fire Alarm School Science Project Working Model is designed to demonstrate the operation of a fire alarm system in a simulated environment. Perfect for science fairs and classroom demonstrations, this model helps students understand the importance of fire safety measures.

Key Features:

  • Realistic house model provides a tangible environment for demonstrating fire alarm functionality.
  • Fire sensor detects heat or smoke, triggering the alarm system.
  • Buzzer emits a loud alert sound upon activation, simulating an alarm.
  • Battery-powered for portability and easy setup in various locations.

Components Included:

  • Fire sensor: Detects heat or smoke, serving as the trigger for the alarm system.
  • Buzzer: Emits a loud sound to simulate the alarm alert.
  • Battery: Powers the entire system, ensuring portability and convenience.
  • House model: Provides a visual representation of a living space, enhancing the realism of the demonstration.


  1. The fire sensor is strategically placed within the house model to detect heat or smoke.
  2. Upon detecting a fire hazard, the sensor sends a signal to the alarm system.
  3. The buzzer, acting as the alarm, emits a loud sound to alert occupants of the danger.
  4. The battery powers the entire system, ensuring uninterrupted operation during demonstrations.

This working model effectively illustrates the principles of fire detection and alarm systems, making it an invaluable tool for educational purposes.