GSM Notice Board

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GSM Notice Board, powered by Arduino Uno and SIM800 GSM module, displays messages remotely via GSM network on a 16×2 LCD display, featuring manual adjustment controls and visual indicators, suitable for public announcements, information display, remote communication, and advertisement purposes in various settings.

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GSM Notice Board, a versatile communication solution designed to display messages remotely via GSM technology. This system combines Arduino Uno, SIM800 GSM module, and an LCD display to provide a convenient and efficient way to broadcast messages in various settings.


  • Utilizes Arduino Uno Microcontroller and SIM800 GSM module for wireless communication and message transmission.
  • Includes a 16×2 LCD display for clear and visible message display.
  • Features a potentiometer and switch for manual adjustment and control of display settings.
  • Equipped with a DC power adapter and 7805 voltage regulator for stable power supply.
  • Incorporates LED light for visual indication of system status.
  • Utilizes a resistor for voltage regulation and component protection.


  • Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  • SIM800 GSM Module
  • 16×2 LCD Display
  • Potentiometer
  • Switch
  • DC Power Adapter
  • 7805 Voltage Regulator
  • LED Light
  • Resistor


  1. The Arduino Uno Microcontroller communicates with the SIM800 GSM module to send and receive messages via the GSM network.
  2. Messages received by the GSM module are displayed on the 16×2 LCD display for easy viewing.
  3. Users can manually adjust display settings using the potentiometer and switch as needed.
  4. The DC power adapter provides power to the system, with the 7805 voltage regulator ensuring stable voltage output.
  5. The LED light provides visual indication of system status, such as power on/off or message transmission.
  6. The resistor regulates voltage and protects components from damage due to voltage fluctuations.


  • Public Announcements: Ideal for displaying public announcements, notifications, or emergency alerts in public places such as schools, offices, or community centers.
  • Information Display: Can be used to display information such as weather updates, event schedules, or public transportation timings in public areas.
  • Remote Communication: Enables remote communication by allowing users to send messages to the notice board via SMS, providing a convenient way to broadcast information from a distance.
  • Advertisement Display: Suitable for displaying advertisements or promotional messages in commercial settings such as retail stores, restaurants, or shopping malls.