Bluetooth Control Home Automation

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Bluetooth Control Home Automation system, powered by Arduino UNO and HC-05 module, enables wireless control of appliances via Bluetooth devices, utilizing components like 5V relay and voltage regulator for seamless operation, ideal for lighting control, appliance management, security integration, and energy efficiency in homes.

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Bluetooth Control Home Automation system, a convenient and versatile solution for remotely controlling various home appliances and devices. This system utilizes Arduino UNO and HC-05 Bluetooth module to provide seamless wireless control, enhancing comfort and convenience in everyday living.


  • Utilizes Arduino UNO for intelligent control and automation of home appliances.
  • Includes HC-05 Bluetooth module for wireless communication and remote control via Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Incorporates 5V relay for switching power to connected appliances.
  • Utilizes a transformer, diodes, capacitor, and 7805 voltage regulator for power supply and voltage regulation.


  • Arduino UNO
  • HC-05 Bluetooth Module
  • 5V Relay
  • Transformer
  • Diodes
  • Capacitor
  • 7805 Voltage Regulator


  1. The Arduino UNO acts as the central control unit, receiving commands from Bluetooth-enabled devices via the HC-05 Bluetooth module.
  2. The HC-05 Bluetooth module establishes a wireless connection with smartphones, tablets, or computers, allowing users to send commands for controlling home appliances.
  3. The Arduino UNO processes the received commands and triggers the 5V relay to switch power to the connected appliances on or off accordingly.
  4. The transformer steps down the voltage from the mains power supply to a suitable level for the Arduino UNO and other components.
  5. Diodes are used for rectification, converting AC voltage to DC voltage, ensuring proper functioning of the circuit.
  6. The capacitor filters and smoothens the output voltage, reducing voltage ripples and ensuring stable operation.
  7. The 7805 voltage regulator regulates the voltage to ensure consistent and reliable power supply to the Arduino UNO and other components.


  • Lighting Control: Allows users to remotely control the lighting in their homes, turning lights on or off as needed.
  • Appliance Control: Enables remote control of various appliances such as fans, air conditioners, and TVs, enhancing comfort and convenience.
  • Security System Integration: Can be integrated with home security systems to remotely arm or disarm alarms and surveillance cameras.
  • Energy Efficiency: Helps users save energy by remotely controlling appliances and devices, ensuring they are only powered when needed.