Piezoelectric Sensor DIY Kit

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Piezoelectric Sensor DIY Kit, perfect for educational projects. Explore piezoelectricity with components like piezo sensors, LEDs, and more.

  • Size – 35 mm Piezo
  • College Level Project.
  • Totally Hand-made.
  • No Branding.
  • 100% working. Tested by S.R. Robotics.
  • FREE Report + Ppt + Synopsis.
  • FREE Shipping.
  • Customization Available.


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The Piezoelectric Sensor DIY Kit is tailored for educational projects and hands-on experimentation, offering a comprehensive set of components to explore piezoelectricity.

Key Features:

  • Designed for educational use and experimentation.
  • Includes sturdy Zero PCB for circuit assembly.
  • Features four piezo sensors converting mechanical force into electrical output.
  • Enables portable power supply with the included battery cap.
  • Facilitates easy circuit control with the provided switch.
  • Offers visual indication of sensor activity through five LEDs.
  • Components such as capacitors, diodes, and a micro switch enhance versatility.

Components Included:

  • 1 Zero PCB: Provides a sturdy base for circuit assembly.
  • 4 Piezo Sensors: Convert mechanical force into electrical output.
  • 1 Battery Cap: Enables portable power supply.
  • 1 Switch: Facilitates easy circuit control.
  • 5 LEDs: Offers visual indication of sensor activity.
  • 2 Capacitors (10uF, 100uF): Stores and releases electrical energy.
  • 4 Diodes: Allows current flow in one direction.
  • 1 Micro Switch: Provides additional control functionality.


  • Ideal for school and college projects exploring piezoelectricity.
  • Suitable for hands-on experimentation in physics and electronics labs.
  • Can be used to build interactive exhibits or demonstrations showcasing piezoelectric effects.

With a comprehensive set of components, this kit is perfect for exploring piezoelectricity in school and college projects.