Health Monitoring System

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Health Monitoring System can monitor a person’s Heart Rate or SpO2 Levels and is capable of generating sound alerts if the values crosses the threshold.

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The health monitoring system works on the principle of monitoring a patient’s body temperature, heart rate and SPO2. The heart rate & SPO2 device is attached to the patient’s fingers and the temperature sensor is also attached to the patient’s body. Temperature sensor is a resistance-based sensor whose resistance is determined by changing the patient’s body temperature, as well as the heart rate sensor, a vibration or flow-based sensor whose value is transmitted in the form of electrical signal. Two sensor measurement values are obtained by Arduino-UNO, the main or intelligent controller of this system. After receiving these values, these values are displayed on the LCD display.

Key Features:

  • Health Monitoring System: Monitors body temperature, heart rate, and SPO2 levels for comprehensive health assessment.
  • Multiple Sensor Integration: Utilizes MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter for heart rate and SPO2 monitoring, and NTC 103 Thermistor Temperature Sensor for temperature measurement.
  • Arduino UNO Controller: Acts as the main controller for data processing and display.
  • Visual Display: Displays the measured values on a 16×2 LCD Display for easy interpretation.
  • Alarm System: Includes LED light and buzzer for indicating abnormal readings or critical health conditions.

Major Components:

  • Arduino UNO with cable: Main controller for data processing.
  • MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter: Measures heart rate and SPO2 levels.
  • NTC 103 Thermistor Temperature Sensor: Monitors body temperature.
  • 16×2 LCD Display: Displays measured values for user reference.
  • LED Light: Provides visual indication of abnormal readings.
  • Buzzer: Audible alarm system for critical health conditions.