Third Eye for The Blind Person Project

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The “Third Eye for Blind” project is a wearable device designed to aid visually impaired individuals by detecting obstacles using ultrasonic technology, providing auditory and tactile feedback for enhanced mobility and safety. Components include Arduino Nano, ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, vibration motor, and a 9V battery, offering a portable solution for obstacle detection and navigation.

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The “Third Eye for Blind” project is a groundbreaking solution designed to aid visually impaired individuals in navigating their surroundings. This wearable device utilizes ultrasonic technology to detect obstacles and provides haptic and auditory feedback to the user, enhancing their mobility and safety.


  • Utilizes Arduino Nano for efficient processing and control.
  • Incorporates an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles in the user’s path.
  • Equipped with a buzzer for auditory alerts and a vibration motor for tactile feedback.
  • Powered by a 9V battery for convenient and portable operation.

Components Included:

  1. Arduino Nano: Microcontroller for processing sensory data and controlling feedback mechanisms.
  2. Ultrasonic Sensor: Detects obstacles ahead and measures distances using sound waves.
  3. Buzzer: Provides auditory alerts to the user based on obstacle proximity.
  4. Vibration Motor: Offers tactile feedback to the user, alerting them of nearby obstacles.
  5. 9V Battery: Power source for the device, ensuring portability and convenience.


  • Assists visually impaired individuals in navigating indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Enhances mobility and independence by providing real-time obstacle detection and feedback.
  • Can be worn as a wearable device or attached to a walking cane for seamless integration into daily activities.


  • The ultrasonic sensor emits high-frequency sound waves and measures the time it takes for the waves to bounce back after hitting obstacles.
  • Arduino Nano processes the data received from the ultrasonic sensor and triggers the buzzer and vibration motor based on predefined proximity thresholds.
  • Auditory alerts and tactile feedback are provided to the user, enabling them to detect and navigate around obstacles effectively.


Watch this video to understand the project:




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