Automatic Street Light Project

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The Automatic Street Light Project provides efficient outdoor lighting by switching on in darkness and off in daylight, with adjustable sensitivity for optimal operation. Components include a battery, LDR module, LEDs for street lamp simulation, and a house model, offering a realistic demonstration of its functionality.

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The Automatic Street Light Project offers an efficient solution for outdoor lighting needs by automatically switching on when darkness falls and turning off during daylight. With adjustable sensitivity, it ensures optimal operation based on ambient light conditions.

Key Features:

  • Automatic switching: Turns on when darkness reaches a certain level and switches off during daytime.
  • Adjustable sensitivity: Allows users to fine-tune the street light’s response to ambient light conditions.
  • Energy-efficient: Maximizes energy savings by only illuminating when needed.
  • Realistic representation: Includes a house model and LED lights to simulate street lamps for visual demonstration.

Components Included:

  1. Battery: Powers the circuitry for autonomous operation.
  2. LDR module: Detects changes in ambient light levels to trigger the street light.
  3. LED lights: Represents street lamps for visual demonstration.
  4. Street lights: Functional units that switch on and off based on ambient light conditions.
  5. House model: Adds realism to the demonstration setup.


  1. When ambient light levels drop to a certain threshold, the LDR module activates the sensor circuit.
  2. The sensor circuit then triggers the street lights, illuminating the area.
  3. As daylight returns or other light sources become available, the sensor circuit deactivates, turning off the street lights.
  4. The sensitivity of the sensor circuit can be adjusted to fine-tune its response to varying light conditions.