Accident Alert System

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Accident Alert System equipped with GSM, GPS, and gyroscopic sensors, detecting accidents and swiftly sending distress signals with precise location coordinates. Features Arduino UNO control, SIM800 GSM module, MPU6050 accelerometer, and shock sensor for comprehensive vehicle safety and emergency response applications.

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Accident Alert System equipped with GSM, GPS, and Gyroscopic sensors, a comprehensive safety solution designed to provide immediate assistance in the event of an accident. This advanced system integrates cutting-edge technology to detect accidents, send alerts, and transmit GPS coordinates for swift emergency response.

Key Features:

  • Incorporates Arduino UNO microcontroller for efficient data processing and control.
  • Features SIM800 GSM module for real-time communication and sending distress signals.
  • Utilizes a GPS module to accurately determine the location of the accident.
  • Equipped with a 16×2 LCD display and potentiometer for user interface and settings adjustment.
  • Includes a 7805 voltage regulator for stable power supply.
  • Integration of MPU6050 accelerometer and gyroscope for detecting sudden movements and orientation changes.
  • Incorporates a shock sensor to detect impact forces indicative of accidents.
  • Offers LED indicator lights for visual feedback and status indication.
  • Provides a reliable power supply for uninterrupted operation.

Components Used:

  • Arduino UNO: Controls system operation and data processing.
  • SIM800 GSM Module: Facilitates GSM communication for sending alerts.
  • GPS Module: Determines the precise location coordinates of the accident.
  • LCD Display (16×2) and Potentiometer: Allows users to view system information and adjust settings.
  • 7805 Voltage Regulator: Stabilizes power supply voltage for consistent operation.
  • Soldering Iron, Soldering Wire, Zero PCB, Connecting Wire: Tools and materials for circuit assembly.
  • Resistor and LED Light: Support various functionalities and provide visual feedback.
  • MPU6050 Accelerometer and Gyroscope: Detects acceleration and orientation changes.
  • Shock Sensor: Detects impact forces indicative of accidents.
  • Power Supply: Provides reliable power to the system components.


  1. The system continuously monitors data from the MPU6050 accelerometer and gyroscope, and the shock sensor.
  2. If sudden movements or impact forces indicative of an accident are detected, the system triggers an alert sequence.
  3. The Arduino UNO activates the SIM800 GSM module to send distress signals containing GPS coordinates to predefined emergency contacts.
  4. The GPS module determines the precise location coordinates of the accident and transmits this information along with the distress signal.
  5. User interface and system status are displayed on the LCD display, allowing users to view information and adjust settings as needed.
  6. LED indicator lights provide visual feedback on system status, including power, alert activation, and communication status.
  7. The system operates continuously, ensuring immediate assistance and emergency response in the event of an accident.


  • Vehicle safety: Provides an extra layer of safety for drivers and passengers by automatically alerting emergency services in the event of an accident.
  • Fleet management: Offers fleet managers real-time accident detection and location tracking capabilities for improved response times and driver safety.
  • Personal safety: Enhances personal safety for individuals traveling alone, particularly in remote or high-risk areas.
  • Emergency services: Facilitates quick and accurate dispatch of emergency services to accident locations, potentially reducing response times and improving outcomes.