SonicWave Robotics DIY Kit

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The kit comprises an Arduino UNO, Ultrasonic Range Finder Module, 9g Servo Motor, and Jumper Wires, ideal for diverse projects requiring distance measurement and motor control. With these components, users can create innovative robotics, home automation, and IoT projects with precise functionality and reliable performance.

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The kit includes essential components for building projects involving distance measurement and servo motor control. With an Arduino UNO microcontroller and an Ultrasonic Range Finder Module, coupled with a 9g Servo Motor and Jumper Wires, this kit enables the creation of innovative projects spanning robotics, automation, and IoT applications.


  1. Arduino UNO: Powerful microcontroller offering versatile programming capabilities.
  2. Ultrasonic Range Finder Module: Utilizes sonar technology for accurate distance measurement.
  3. 9g Servo Motor: Precise motor control for various mechanical movements.
  4. Jumper Wires: Facilitate easy and reliable connections between components.

Components Included:

  • Arduino UNO: The heart of the project, providing programmable control.
  • Ultrasonic Range Finder Module: Enables accurate distance measurement using sonar technology.
  • 9g Servo Motor: Allows precise control of angular movement for various applications.
  • Jumper Wires: Essential for connecting components and building circuits.


  • Robotics: Build robots capable of detecting and avoiding obstacles using the Ultrasonic Range Finder Module.
  • Home Automation: Create automated systems for tasks such as door opening/closing based on proximity detection.
  • IoT Projects: Develop IoT devices for monitoring and controlling distance-related parameters in smart environments.