Vertical Wind Turbine

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The Vertical Wind Turbine System facilitates renewable energy generation using a vertical axis design and essential components like a DC generator and inverter circuit. It converts wind energy into electricity, stored in a rechargeable battery and compatible with AC bulbs, making it suitable for off-grid applications and educational demonstrations.

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Harness the power of the wind with our Vertical Wind Turbine System. This innovative renewable energy solution is designed to generate electricity efficiently and sustainably, making it perfect for off-grid applications and eco-friendly projects.


  • Utilizes vertical axis design for enhanced efficiency in capturing wind energy.
  • Includes essential components like a 12V rechargeable battery, DC generator, inverter circuit, and transformer.
  • Compatible with AC bulbs for easy demonstration and practical use.
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance in various weather conditions.

Components Included:

  1. 12V Rechargeable Battery
  2. DC Generator
  3. Inverter Circuit
  4. Transformer
  5. AC Bulb


  1. The vertical wind turbine harnesses wind energy through its blades, which rotate around a vertical axis.
  2. The rotation of the blades drives the DC generator, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  3. The generated electricity is then stored in the 12V rechargeable battery for future use or fed into the inverter circuit.
  4. The inverter circuit converts the DC electricity into AC electricity, making it compatible with standard AC bulbs.
  5. The transformer ensures proper voltage regulation and distribution to power the AC bulb.


  • Off-grid power generation for remote locations or outdoor activities.
  • Educational demonstrations on renewable energy and wind power.
  • Sustainable lighting solutions for eco-friendly homes or projects.
  • Backup power supply during power outages or emergencies.