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Explore electromagnetism with our Electromagnet kit featuring easy assembly, demonstrating principles of electrical-to-magnetic energy conversion. Ideal for educational demonstrations and DIY projects, it offers hands-on exploration of magnetic interactions and prototyping for electromagnetically controlled devices.

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Explore the fascinating world of electromagnetism with our Electromagnet kit. This kit allows you to create your own electromagnet and understand its principles through hands-on experimentation. Whether you’re a student, hobbyist, or electronics enthusiast, this kit provides an engaging learning experience.


  • Easy-to-assemble components for constructing an electromagnet.
  • Demonstrates the conversion of electrical energy into magnetic energy.
  • Provides insights into the principles of electromagnetism.
  • Suitable for educational purposes and DIY projects.


  • Educational demonstrations in physics and electronics classes.
  • DIY projects involving magnetic interactions, such as magnetic levitation or magnetic propulsion.
  • Experiments exploring the relationship between electricity and magnetism.
  • Prototyping for electromagnetically controlled devices, such as solenoids or relays.