Street light Circuit

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The Automatic Street Light Circuit is designed for outdoor lighting, automatically activating at dusk and deactivating at dawn. It utilizes an IC555 timer and light sensor to efficiently control street light operation based on ambient light levels.

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The Automatic Street Light Circuit is a smart lighting solution designed to illuminate streets and outdoor areas efficiently. Utilizing an IC555 timer, this circuit automatically switches the light ON at dusk and OFF at dawn, enhancing convenience and energy conservation.


  • Automatic operation: Lights turn ON at night and OFF during the day, eliminating the need for manual control.
  • Efficient design: Utilizes an IC555 timer for reliable and accurate timing of lighting cycles.
  • Versatile application: Suitable for various outdoor lighting needs, including streets, pathways, and gardens.

Components Included:

  1. IC555 Timer: Controls the switching operation based on ambient light conditions.
  2. Light Sensor: Detects the level of ambient light to trigger the circuit.
  3. Capacitors and Resistors: Support circuit functionality and timing.
  4. Transistors: Amplify and switch the signal for controlling the street light.
  5. Power Supply: Provides the necessary voltage for circuit operation.


  1. Light Sensing: The light sensor detects ambient light levels.
  2. IC555 Operation: Based on the input from the light sensor, the IC555 timer triggers the switching operation.
  3. Street Light Control: When it is dark, the circuit activates the street light, providing illumination. During daylight, the light remains OFF to conserve energy.
  4. Automatic Functionality: The circuit continuously monitors light levels, ensuring automatic operation without manual intervention.

This Automatic Street Light Circuit offers a reliable and efficient solution for outdoor lighting needs, promoting safety and energy efficiency in urban and rural areas alike.


To understand this circuit watch the video: