Smart Road Light System

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Road lighting system is an automated system using infrared sensors to detect vehicle movement, conserving energy by activating lights only when necessary. It promotes road safety and reduces light pollution through efficient illumination control.

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Smart Road Light System is a school model project designed to efficiently illuminate roads based on vehicle movement, ensuring safety and energy conservation. Using infrared sensors, the system detects vehicle presence and activates lights only when necessary, optimizing nighttime visibility while minimizing energy consumption.


  • Automated lighting system based on vehicle movement detection.
  • Efficient use of energy by switching lights on only when required.
  • Adjustable sensitivity to customize lighting activation based on traffic volume.
  • Promotes road safety and reduces light pollution.

Components Included:

  1. Infrared Sensors
  2. LED Lights
  3. Microcontroller
  4. Battery
  5. Circuitry Components
  6. School Model Road


  1. Infrared sensors detect the presence of vehicles passing by.
  2. Upon vehicle detection, the microcontroller triggers the LED lights to illuminate the road.
  3. Lights remain active as long as vehicle movement is detected, ensuring continuous visibility.
  4. When no vehicles are detected, the system automatically switches off the lights, conserving energy.


  • School projects demonstrating smart road lighting systems.
  • Educational purposes to illustrate the integration of sensors and microcontrollers for energy-efficient solutions.
  • Road safety awareness programs highlighting innovative lighting technologies.