Street Light DIY Kit

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This DIY Kit offers components for project making, hobby crafts, and toy assembly, including tree and street light models with LEDs and resistors. It enables creative endeavors such as constructing 3D models and miniature street lights for educational projects and hobby crafts.

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This DIY Kit is an ideal choice for project making, hobby crafts, and toy assembly. It includes components necessary for creating 3D models and miniature street light models, making it versatile for various creative endeavors.


  • Enables project making, hobby crafts, and toy assembly.
  • Includes components for building 3D models and miniature street light models.
  • Offers LEDs and resistors for enhancing model aesthetics and functionality.

Components Included:

  1. Tree for 3D Models: Allows for the creation of realistic tree structures in projects.
  2. Street Light Model (3 Inches): Set of 4 pieces for constructing miniature street light replicas.
  3. LEDs: Light-emitting diodes for illumination or decorative purposes.
  4. Resistors: Electrical components for controlling current flow in circuits.


  1. Use the tree components to construct three-dimensional models, adding depth and realism to creative projects.
  2. Assemble the miniature street light models using the provided pieces, incorporating LEDs and resistors for lighting effects.
  3. Connect the LEDs and resistors according to the desired lighting configurations, ensuring proper circuit connections for functionality.
  4. Customize and integrate the constructed models into various project ideas.


  • Educational projects: Suitable for school assignments, science fairs, and STEM learning activities.
  • Hobby crafts: Offers creative outlets for hobbyists interested in model making and diorama construction.