IoT based Smart Irrigation System

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IoT-based Smart Irrigation System utilizes NodeMCU ESP8266 and a range of sensors to optimize water usage and enhance crop growth. It offers real-time monitoring, automated irrigation, and customizable settings for efficient water management in agricultural fields, gardens, and greenhouses.

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IoT-based Smart Irrigation System, a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize water usage and enhance crop growth using NodeMCU ESP8266 and advanced sensors. This system offers intelligent irrigation control, real-time monitoring, and customizable settings for efficient water management in agricultural fields and gardens.


  • Utilizes NodeMCU ESP8266 for wireless connectivity and IoT integration, enabling remote monitoring and control of irrigation processes.
  • Incorporates Soil, Rain, Moisture, Temperature, and Humidity sensors for real-time environmental monitoring and precise irrigation scheduling.
  • Features a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) for detecting ambient light levels and activating grow light LEDs as needed.
  • Includes a Water Pump controlled by a Single Relay Module for automated watering of plants based on soil moisture levels and weather conditions.
  • Equipped with a Buzzer for audible alerts and notifications regarding irrigation events or system malfunctions.
  • Powered by a 9V Battery with Battery Cap for portability and flexibility in installation.
  • Compatible with a Power Adapter for continuous operation and long-term deployment in agricultural settings.


  1. NodeMCU ESP8266
  2. Soil Sensor
  3. Rain Sensor
  4. Moisture Sensor Module (LM393)
  5. Temperature and Humidity Sensor (DHT11)
  6. Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)
  7. Grow Light LED
  8. Water Pump
  9. Single Relay Module
  10. Buzzer
  11. 9V Battery
  12. Battery Cap
  13. Power Adapter


  1. The NodeMCU ESP8266 collects data from various sensors, including Soil, Rain, Moisture, Temperature, and Humidity sensors, to assess environmental conditions.
  2. Based on sensor readings, the system determines the moisture level in the soil and the presence of rain to decide whether irrigation is necessary.
  3. If irrigation is required, the Water Pump is activated via the Single Relay Module to deliver water to the plants.
  4. The Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) monitors ambient light levels, triggering the activation of the Grow Light LEDs during low-light conditions to support plant growth.
  5. The Buzzer provides audible alerts and notifications to users regarding irrigation events or system malfunctions, ensuring timely intervention if needed.
  6. The system can be powered by a 9V Battery for portable applications or a Power Adapter for continuous operation, offering flexibility in deployment and usage.


  • Agricultural Fields: Optimizes water usage and enhances crop growth in agricultural fields by providing intelligent irrigation control and real-time monitoring.
  • Gardens and Landscapes: Maintains optimal soil moisture levels and ensures proper irrigation of plants and landscaping features in gardens and outdoor spaces.
  • Greenhouses: Regulates environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light levels to create an ideal growing environment for plants in greenhouses.
  • Urban Farming: Supports urban farming initiatives by providing efficient water management solutions for rooftop gardens, community gardens, and indoor farming setups.

Watch the video to understand the working of this System: