Road accidents cause numerous deaths and loss of property worldwide. Sometimes they happen due to the negligence of the drivers and most of the time due to the terrain and situations they drive in. Accidents that take place in hilly areas, are fatal in most cases. There is no place even for a minute mistake in such topography. Even the skilled and professional drivers find it difficult to drive through the narrow passages in between the hills. While you go there you will find, there is barely any traffic management aid in those narrow and single lane drives.

We have built this Accident prevention and road safety model, to bring a decline in these accident rates in hilly areas and any such narrow and sharp curves of road, by introducing an automated sensor based traffic management system. This road safety model will guide drivers to drive slow, stop when required and give sides to the approaching vehicle in order to avoid accidents.

Not only this, we have combined this project with a power generation system at speed breakers of road as well. This generated power will turn the streetlights on during nighttime.

How does it work?

Let us first understand about the working of the accident prevention system.


It becomes tough on routes like these to predict the approaching vehicle from the other sides of the road. Only if there were some source to give us the information about the other side of the mount, it would be safer to drive. To solve this issue we tried to install traffic lights that work on sensor based input.

While any vehicle passes on route A, the traffic lights will sow red signal on route B and vice versa, to maintain a safe flow of traffic.

In addition when there is no approaching car at the other side of the pin point of road, the traffic light shows green signal, for you to drive safe and freely.

You can observe this flow chart to understand the working of accident prevention, traffic management model:

IR sensor

IR sensor

Figure 1 the car that crossed the sensor point first is shown green while other side of mountain road is shown red signal to manage the traffic flow

Now the other part of project generates power at speed breakers by installing a power generation system in the speed breaker. We simply install a rod across the width of road at speed breaker pitch and make sure it turns smoothly and is safe for the vehicles to drive at as well. While vehicles pass on, the rod rotates and transmits this rotational movement to the motor and thus running the motor to generate electricity in streetlights.

Step 1: Collecting the Components required for this project.

Part 1: Components required for accident prevention and road safety model.


  • IR module x 2
  • 2N2222A Transistor x 2
  • buzzer x 2
  • 7805 regulator x 2
  • 220 ohm resistor x 2
  • Red LED x 2
  • Green LED x 2
  • Zero PCB x 2
  • 1-Meter belt wire
  • 9 Volt battery x 2
  • Battery cap x 2
  • Switch x 2

NOTE: Make sure you use right IR Sensor Module for better working of your project.

Part 2: Components required for Power generation model at speed breakers.


  • 1000/500 rpm gear motor
  • White LED x 8
  • Plastic lamps x 8
  • 1 meter belt wire
  • Motor clamps x 2
  • Wooden blocks x 2
  • 15/20 cm iron rod pipe
  • Trees and car toy models ( trees optional)


  • You can buy the full project kit for both of these parts from here
  • Or if you want to only buy the IR Sensor circuit click here
  • Or if you want to only buy the speed breaker circuit click here

Step 2: Assembling the Components – Circuit Design


Connect all the components with the required wires as shown in the above diagram





Thank you for learning with us. We hope all the steps and details are easy to understand. You can try to make your own project by watching this easy tutorial video part 1

Video Part 2

Video Part 3

Here’s a quick quiz for you, see if you know the answers..

  1. What does ‘IR’ refers to in IR sensors mentioned above?

Answer 1: Infrared sensors

  1. What all hill stations have you visited? Were the roads at those places curvy and narrow as shown in the problem prospect of our project?

Answer: Manali, yes the route to Manali was very tough and curvy.

[This answer can be different for all of us]

  1. What is the function of regulator used in the project?

Answer 3: The regulator used here is to regulate the voltage requirements of system, specifically here we used it to convert the 9 volt coming from battery into 5 volt for sensors

  1. What is the general purpose of speed breakers present on roads?

Answer 4: Speed breakers are generally used to provide an obstacle for people who are over speeding, so that they will slow down in the sensitive areas.

  1. What is the basic difference between motor and generator?

Motor: Converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Generator: Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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