How to make Smart Irrigation system using 555IC

How to make Smart Irrigation system using 555IC

How to make Smart Irrigation system using 555IC

This project is a smart solution to make irrigation an easy process and to help out plant lovers and farmers. In our busy life it is hard to keep track of time to water our plants. Some plants are very sensitive, and they need proper amount of water just to keep them alive, so we needed something to check the water requirement of plants and timely watering solution. This product will sense the soil for its humidity level and temperature and will automatically turn on and off the water supply as per the need.

Right amount of water keeps the health of both soil and plants in good condition.

India’s large population is indulged in farming activities. Agricultural output and effective production have a great impact on the economy of the country. In dry areas or just in case of lack rain, irrigation becomes troublesome. So, it can be machine-driven and can be handled remotely by farmer. As the system will provide just the right amount of water so it will also help us to save water.

Step 1: Collecting the Components required for this project.

  1. 555 IC with 8 pin Base
  2. Relay
  3. Soil Sensor
  4. Pipe
  5. PCB
  6. 10k Variable Resistor
  7. Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  8. DC Water Pump
  9. Resistor
  10. 9V Battery
  11. Battery Cap







LED: – It is a semiconductor; it emits light when current flows through it. As soon as the current flows through the diode, neutrons recombine with electron holes among the devices.

555 IC: – The 555 timer IC is Associated with Nursing microcircuit chip utilized in a range of timer, pulse generation, and generator applications. The 555 will be accustomed give time delays, as Associate in Nursing generator, and as a flip-flop component. Derivatives give 2 (556) or four (558) temporal arrangement circuits in one package.

Relay: – A relay is Associated with Nursing electrically operated switch. Many relays use a magnet to mechanically operate a switch, but different operating principles are used, like solid state relays.

Soil Sensor: – Soil wetness sensors live check the wetness of water content in soil. Since the direct gravimetric measure of condition desires removing, drying of a sample to check it constantly. Soil condition sensors live the meter water content indirectly by victimization another property of the soil, like physical phenomenon, non-conductor constant, or interaction with neutrons, as a proxy for the condition content.

Pipe: – Here it is used as a water channel, and it has been used for watering plant.

Resistor: –It is a device used to be a passive two-terminal electrical half that implements resistance as a circuit element.

Battery: –An electrical battery is a device consisting of 1 or additional chemical science cells with external connections provided to power electrical devices like flashlights, and electrical cars.

Wire: – A length of such material, consisting either of one filament or of many filaments plain-woven or twisted along and frequently insulated with a material, used as a conductor of electricity.

PCB: –Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are skinny boards made up of Associate in Nursing insulation, with a metal coated surface, generally on each the highest and bottom.

Connect all the components with the required wires as shown in the above diagram.

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Thank you for learning with us. We hope all the steps and details are easy to understand. You can try to make your own Li-Fi Project by purchasing our kit for this project from the given link.

Video Demonstration

Viva Questions from SR Robotics:

Q1. What does 555IC means?

Ans. The 555 timer IC is an integrated circuit used in a variety of timer, delay, pulse generation, and oscillator applications. Derivatives provide two or four timing circuits in one package.

Q2. What are the advantages of Irrigation using 555IC?

Ans. The advantages of Irrigation using 555IC are as given below: –

Irrigation and watering play a substantial role in determining the quality and yields of farming. More appropriate is the process of watering of the fields, more favorable are the end results. As an agriculture farmer, one needs to be very precise with these tows above-said process.

  • Time saving.
  • No need of Extra work Hard.
  • Save Water, accordingly our Requirement of water, depends upon water level quantity soil and crops.
  • Money Saving (Electricity bill + Water).

Q3. What is the full form of PCB?

Ans. The Full form of PCB is Printed Circuit Board.

Q4. What is the work of Soil Sensor?

Ans. Soil Sensor makes sure the amount of water required in the soil.

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