Train Accident Prevention System

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The trains automatically detects if another train is coming from the front using infrared waves and stops the engine (here: motors) whenever it detects some object in front.

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Automatic Train Collision Prevention System, a groundbreaking solution designed to enhance railway safety by preventing collisions between trains. Equipped with infrared sensors, this innovative system detects approaching trains and automatically halts the engine (motors) upon detecting any obstruction ahead. By utilizing sensors to emit signals and detect their reflections from objects in front, the system effectively identifies incoming trains and triggers the engine shutdown mechanism through a relay. With both trains equipped with these sensors, collisions are averted as each train stops upon detecting the other in its path.

Key Features:

  • Infrared Sensor Technology: Utilizes infrared waves to detect approaching trains and obstacles.
  • Automatic Engine Shutdown: Halts the engine (motors) automatically upon detecting an obstruction in front.
  • Signal Transmission and Detection: Sends signals and detects reflections to identify oncoming trains.
  • Relay Control Mechanism: Initiates engine shutdown through a relay upon detection of an approaching train.
  • Dual Train Compatibility: Equips both trains with sensors to ensure simultaneous detection and prevention of collisions.


  • Enhanced Railway Safety: Prevents collisions between trains, ensuring passenger and crew safety.
  • Automated Collision Prevention: Offers a proactive approach to collision avoidance through automatic engine shutdown.
  • Reliable Sensor Technology: Utilizes advanced infrared sensor technology for accurate detection of approaching trains.
  • Simplified Operation: Requires minimal manual intervention, providing a user-friendly solution for railway safety.
  • Dual Train Protection: Ensures comprehensive collision prevention by equipping both trains with detection sensors.

Experience the next level of railway safety with the Automatic Train Collision Prevention System, delivering peace of mind and security for railway operators and passengers alike.


Watch this video to learn the working of the system: