Fire Alarm Circuit

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The Fire Alarm Circuit is a DIY Hand Made kit designed for educational demonstrations, featuring a fire sensor and buzzer for timely alerts. Powered by batteries, it offers portability and convenience for showcasing fire detection principles in classrooms and workshops.

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Crafted for simplicity and ease of use, the Fire Alarm Circuit Hand Made offers reliable fire detection and alert functionality. This DIY kit includes essential components and is designed for educational purposes and practical demonstrations.


  • Fire sensor: Detects heat or smoke, triggering the alarm system for timely alerts.
  • Buzzer: Emits a loud sound to effectively signal the presence of a fire hazard.
  • Battery-powered: Ensures portability and uninterrupted operation, ideal for demonstrations.
  • Easy to assemble: Designed for DIY enthusiasts and educational projects.
  • Compact and lightweight: Suitable for tabletop demonstrations and classroom use.

Components Included:

  • Fire sensor: Detects heat or smoke for fire hazard detection.
  • Buzzer: Emits loud sound alerts.
  • Battery: Powers the system for portability.
  • Additional components for assembly.


  1. The fire sensor is positioned strategically within the house model to detect heat or smoke.
  2. Upon detecting a fire hazard, the sensor sends a signal to the alarm system.
  3. The buzzer, acting as the alarm, emits a loud sound to alert occupants of the danger.
  4. The battery powers the entire system, ensuring uninterrupted operation during demonstrations.


  • Educational demonstrations: Ideal for showcasing fire detection principles in classrooms and workshops.
  • Science fairs: Engage audiences with a hands-on demonstration of fire alarm systems.
  • DIY projects: Provides enthusiasts with an opportunity to build and understand fire alarm circuits.
  • Safety awareness: Raises awareness about fire safety measures and the importance of early detection.