GearUp DIY Kit

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The DIY Kit includes four DC BO motors and wheels designed for building a smart car robot compatible with Arduino projects. Its single shaft design simplifies assembly while ensuring stability and precise control, making it suitable for various robotic applications.

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The DIY Kit includes essential components for building a smart car robot, featuring DC BO motors and wheels designed for Arduino projects.


  • DC BO Motors: Four high-quality motors provide reliable performance and smooth operation.
  • Single Shaft Design: Simplifies assembly and enhances stability for the robot.
  • Smart Car Robot Gear: Ensures efficient power transmission and precise control.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with Arduino platforms, offering flexibility for various projects.

Components Included:

  1. Four DC BO Motors
  2. Four Wheels


  • Robot Car Projects: Ideal for building robot cars capable of various functions and movements.
  • STEM Education: Perfect for educational purposes to teach robotics, programming, and electronics.
  • DIY Robotics: Enables enthusiasts to create custom robotic projects and experiments.
  • Automation: Can be used for automation tasks such as obstacle avoidance, line following, and remote control.

This DIY Kit provides enthusiasts and beginners with essential components to build and customize their own smart car robot for a wide range of applications.