Solar powered Grass-cutter Robot with Bluetooth

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Solar-Powered Bluetooth Cleaning Robot combines Arduino UNO, HC 05 Bluetooth Module, and L298N Motor Driver for efficient cleaning indoors and outdoors. It features rechargeable batteries, a sturdy wooden chassis, and a solar panel for sustainable operation, offering wireless control via mobile devices and automating cleaning tasks.

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Solar-Powered Grasscutter Robot, an innovative solution designed to automate cleaning tasks using renewable energy and Bluetooth connectivity. This robot combines Arduino UNO, HC 05 Bluetooth Module, and L298N Motor Driver for efficient cleaning operations, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor grass cutting applications.


  • Utilizes Arduino UNO and HC 05 Bluetooth Module for wireless control and communication with mobile devices.
  • Incorporates L298N Motor Driver to control the movement of BO and DC gear motors for efficient cleaning performance.
  • Features a 7805 Voltage Regulator for stable power supply to the system components.
  • Equipped with 18650 Li-ion Batteries and a 3S Li-ion Battery Charger for portable and rechargeable power source.
  • Includes a DC Jack for easy connection to external power sources or solar panel charging.
  • Constructed on a sturdy Wooden Chassis for durability and stability during cleaning operations.
  • Enhanced with a Solar Panel for harnessing renewable solar energy to supplement power supply and extend operating time.


  1. Arduino UNO
  2. HC 05 Bluetooth Module
  3. L298N Motor Driver
  4. BO Motor
  5. DC Gear Motor
  6. 7805 Voltage Regulator
  7. Soldering Iron
  8. Solder Wire
  9. 18650 Li-ion Batteries
  10. 3S Li-ion Battery Charger
  11. DC Jack
  12. Wooden Chassis
  13. Solar Panel


  1. The Arduino UNO receives commands wirelessly from a mobile device via the HC 05 Bluetooth Module.
  2. Based on the received commands, the Arduino UNO controls the L298N Motor Driver to drive the BO and DC gear motors, enabling movement and navigation of the grass cutting robot.
  3. The cleaning robot maneuvers across surfaces, performing cleaning tasks using the attached cleaning mechanism.
  4. The 7805 Voltage Regulator ensures stable power supply to the system components, optimizing performance and efficiency.
  5. The 18650 Li-ion Batteries power the cleaning robot, providing a portable and rechargeable energy source.
  6. The 3S Li-ion Battery Charger facilitates recharging of the batteries for extended operation.
  7. The DC Jack allows for easy connection to external power sources or solar panel charging, providing flexibility in power options.
  8. The sturdy Wooden Chassis provides a robust platform for the cleaning robot, ensuring durability and stability during cleaning operations.
  9. The Solar Panel harnesses solar energy to supplement the power supply, enabling sustainable and eco-friendly operation.


  • Outdoor Cleaning: Ideal for outdoor cleaning applications such as parks, yards, offering versatility and mobility in outdoor maintenance.
  • Solar-Powered Operation: Utilizes renewable solar energy for sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning, reducing dependence on conventional power sources.
  • Remote Control: Enables wireless control and monitoring of the cleaning robot via mobile devices, offering convenience and flexibility in operation.
  • Automation: Automates cleaning tasks, saving time and effort for users while ensuring thorough and consistent cleaning results.