IoT based Underground Cable Fault Detection

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IoT-based Underground Cable Fault Detection system utilizes NodeMCU ESP8266 and advanced sensors for real-time monitoring and detection of faults in underground cables. Integrated with the Blynk platform, it offers remote monitoring and manual control features, enhancing reliability and safety in electrical utilities and industrial facilities.

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IoT-based Underground Cable Fault Detection system, a smart solution designed to detect and locate faults in underground cables using NodeMCU ESP8266 and advanced sensor technologies. This system provides real-time monitoring and alerts via the Blynk platform, ensuring timely detection and resolution of cable faults for enhanced reliability and safety.


  • Utilizes NodeMCU ESP8266 for wireless connectivity and data processing, enabling remote monitoring and control.
  • Incorporates an LCD Display (16×2) for visual feedback on fault detection and system status.
  • Features an LED Light for visual indication of fault detection events.
  • Includes a Switch and Push Button Switch for manual control and system operation.
  • Utilizes a Relay Module for controlling power supply and activating/deactivating the fault detection process.
  • Incorporates Carbon Resistor, Electrolytic Capacitor, Diodes, and 5V Voltage Regulator for stable and regulated power supply to the system components.
  • Integrates with the Blynk platform for real-time monitoring, alerts, and data visualization on mobile devices.


  1. NodeMCU ESP8266
  2. LCD Display (16×2)
  3. LED Light
  4. Switch
  5. Relay Module
  6. Carbon Resistor
  7. Electrolytic Capacitor
  8. Push Button Switch
  9. 12-0-12 Transformer
  10. Diodes
  11. 5V Voltage Regulator
  12. Blynk Platform


  1. The NodeMCU ESP8266 continuously monitors the underground cable network for faults using advanced sensor technologies.
  2. Upon detecting a fault, the NodeMCU ESP8266 processes the sensor data and triggers the Relay Module to activate the fault detection process.
  3. The LCD Display provides visual feedback on the fault detection event, indicating the location and severity of the fault.
  4. Simultaneously, the LED Light illuminates to visually indicate the occurrence of a fault.
  5. Users can manually control the fault detection process using the Switch and Push Button Switch, allowing for manual override and system operation.
  6. The Carbon Resistor, Electrolytic Capacitor, Diodes, and 5V Voltage Regulator ensure stable and regulated power supply to the system components, enhancing reliability and performance.
  7. The Blynk platform facilitates real-time monitoring, alerts, and data visualization on mobile devices, allowing users to remotely monitor the underground cable network and receive timely notifications on fault detection events.


  • Electrical Utilities: Enables electrical utilities to monitor and detect faults in underground cable networks, minimizing downtime and improving service reliability.
  • Industrial Facilities: Provides fault detection capabilities for underground cables in industrial settings, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.
  • Municipalities: Supports municipalities in maintaining and managing underground cable infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted services for residents and businesses.
  • Remote Monitoring: Allows for remote monitoring and management of underground cable networks via the Blynk platform, providing convenience and flexibility for operators and technicians.