Smart Driving Glasses DIY KIT

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Build your own Smart Driving Glasses with this DIY Kit, featuring Arduino Nano and various sensors for enhanced road safety. Enjoy customizable features and easy assembly for a personalized driving experience.

  • Totally hand made.
  • An innovation project.
  • Easy to submit in college.
  • This is a solar based project.
  • 100% Working. Tested by SR ROBOTICS.
  • FREE Report + Ppt + Synopsis +Shipping.
  • Customization Available.
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Experience enhanced safety and convenience on the road with our Smart Driving Glasses DIY Kit. This innovative kit empowers you to build your own smart glasses equipped with advanced features to improve your driving experience. With components like Arduino Nano, a buzzer, vibration motor, and sensors, you can create a personalized device tailored to your needs.

Components Included:

  • 1 Arduino Nano
  • 1 Nano cable
  • 1 Buzzer
  • 1 Vibration motor
  • 1 Pair of glasses
  • 1 Sensor
  • Assorted wires
  • 1 Battery cap

Key Features:

  • Arduino Nano for efficient control and customization
  • Buzzer for audible alerts and notifications
  • Vibration motor for tactile feedback
  • Sensor for detecting environmental cues
  • Stylish glasses design for comfortable wear


  • Enhances driving safety by providing real-time alerts and feedback
  • Customizable features allow adaptation to individual preferences
  • Easy DIY assembly for a fun and educational project
  • Versatile applications beyond driving, such as for personal safety or assistance for the visually impaired

Take control of your driving experience and stay safe on the road with our Smart Driving Glasses DIY Kit.


Watch the video below to learn how to make the project:



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