Smart Irrigation Kit with Set Moisture level

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The Smart Irrigation Kit with Set Moisture Level offers automated watering for plants, featuring components like Arduino Uno, relay module, soil sensor, and LCD. With customizable moisture levels, it ensures efficient irrigation, promoting healthy plant growth and water conservation.

  • Totally hand made.
  • An innovation project.
  • Easy to submit in college.
  • This is a solar based project.
  • 100% Working. Tested by SR ROBOTICS.
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  • Customization Available.
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The Smart Irrigation Kit with Set Moisture Level is an innovative solution for efficient and automated watering of plants. This comprehensive kit includes essential components such as an Arduino Uno with cable, relay module, pump, soil sensor, preset, LCD, jumper wires, DC jack, and pipe. With the ability to set moisture levels, this kit ensures precise irrigation, promoting healthier plant growth while conserving water resources.


  • Arduino Uno with Cable: Provides the central control unit for the irrigation system.
  • Relay Module: Enables control of the water pump for automated irrigation.
  • Pump: Delivers water to the plants based on the moisture level detected by the soil sensor.
  • Soil Sensor: Measures the moisture level in the soil to determine watering requirements.
  • Preset: Allows users to set the desired moisture level threshold for watering.
  • LCD: Displays real-time moisture levels and system status for easy monitoring.
  • Jumper Wires: Facilitate connections between various components for seamless operation.
  • DC Jack: Powers the system for continuous operation.
  • Pipe: Transports water from the pump to the plants for irrigation.

Enhance your gardening experience with the Smart Irrigation Kit, offering convenience, efficiency, and optimal plant care.



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