Intensity Controlled Street Light System with Solar Power using Arduino Uno

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Intensity Controlled Street Light System with Solar Power, driven by Arduino Uno, offers motion-sensing capabilities and automatic light intensity adjustment, utilizing solar energy for eco-friendly illumination in outdoor spaces, promoting energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Intensity Controlled Street Light System with Solar Power, powered by Arduino Uno technology. This innovative system offers efficient and sustainable lighting solutions for streets and outdoor spaces, utilizing solar energy and advanced control mechanisms to optimize energy consumption.


  • Utilizes Arduino Nano Microcontroller for precise control and automation of street lighting.
  • Incorporates IR sensors for detecting motion and adjusting light intensity accordingly, ensuring energy efficiency.
  • LDR module enables automatic adjustment of light intensity based on ambient light levels, maximizing energy savings.
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery pack and solar panel for eco-friendly and off-grid operation.
  • Integrated voltage regulator (7805) ensures stable power supply for consistent performance.
  • User-friendly switch for manual control and override options.
  • Compact design with a Zero PCB for easy installation and maintenance.
  • LED lights provide bright and long-lasting illumination while minimizing power consumption.


  • Arduino Nano Microcontroller
  • IR Sensors
  • LDR Module
  • Switch
  • 7805 Voltage Regulator
  • Zero PCB
  • LED Light
  • Resistor
  • 18650 Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Solar Panel
  • DC Jack


  1. The system utilizes IR sensors to detect motion, activating the LED street lights when pedestrians or vehicles are present.
  2. Light intensity is controlled based on the input from the LDR module, ensuring optimal brightness depending on ambient light conditions.
  3. Solar panels harvest sunlight and charge the 18650 rechargeable battery pack during the day, enabling the system to operate off-grid and sustainably.
  4. The Arduino Nano microcontroller processes sensor data and regulates the intensity of the LED lights, optimizing energy consumption.
  5. A voltage regulator (7805) ensures consistent power supply to the system, preventing fluctuations and ensuring reliable performance.
  6. Users have the option to manually control the street lights using the provided switch, offering flexibility and convenience.


  • Street Lighting: Ideal for illuminating roads, pathways, and public spaces with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions.
  • Outdoor Areas: Suitable for parks, gardens, and recreational areas, providing enhanced visibility and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Remote Locations: Perfect for areas without access to grid electricity, offering reliable lighting powered by solar energy.
  • Sustainable Development: Contributes to reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainable development by utilizing renewable energy sources for street lighting.

Watch the video to understand the working of this System: