Automatic Door System

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Step into the future with the Automatic Door System, a sophisticated solution that combines smart technology with practicality. Enjoy hands-free access, improved energy efficiency, and a modern aesthetic, making your space both advanced and welcoming.

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Transform your space with the Automatic Door System, a cutting-edge project designed to provide seamless entry and exit experiences. Utilizing an Arduino microcontroller, IR sensor, motor driver, and a motor, this system ensures hands-free access control, adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings.

Key Components:

  1. Arduino Microcontroller:
    • The heart of the system, the Arduino microcontroller, processes signals from the IR sensor and controls the motor driver to operate the motor, facilitating smooth door movement.
  2. IR Sensor:
    • The Infrared (IR) sensor serves as a reliable presence detection mechanism. It detects the movement of individuals approaching the door, triggering the automatic opening or closing of the door.
  3. Motor Driver:
    • The motor driver circuit is responsible for controlling the direction and speed of the motor. The Arduino communicates with the motor driver to ensure precise and efficient door movement.
  4. Motor:
    • The motor physically turns the door upon receiving signals from the motor driver. Its controlled rotation allows for automated door opening and closing in response to user presence.

How it Works:

  1. User Presence Detection:
    • The IR sensor continuously scans the area in front of the door. When a person is detected within the sensor’s range, it sends a signal to the Arduino, indicating the need for door movement.
  2. Arduino Processing:
    • The Arduino processes the signal from the IR sensor and determines whether to open or close the door based on the user’s movement. Customizable programming allows for adjustments in sensitivity and response time.
  3. Motor Control via Motor Driver:
    • Upon receiving the processed signals from the Arduino, the motor driver activates the motor. The motor turns the door in the desired direction, either opening or closing, providing a hands-free entry or exit experience.
  4. Smooth and Controlled Door Movement:
    • The motor driver ensures precise control over the motor, resulting in smooth and controlled door movement. The system is designed to operate quietly and efficiently, enhancing user experience.


  • Touch-Free Access: Enhance hygiene and convenience by providing a hands-free entry solution, reducing the need for physical contact with door handles.
  • Energy Efficiency: The system ensures the door is open only when necessary, conserving energy by closing automatically after a user has passed through.
  • Customizable Settings: The Arduino-based system allows for easy customization of sensitivity, delay, and other parameters, adapting to specific user requirements.
  • Modern and Smart Aesthetics: Upgrade your space with a modern and sophisticated touch, showcasing the integration of smart technology for improved functionality.