LCD Module with 16×2 LCD

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This 16×2 LCD Display Module interfaces seamlessly with various microcontroller boards such as 8051, AVR, and Arduino, featuring a Green/Blue Backlight option. With 4-bit data and 3-bit control pins, it allows for flexible connectivity, while onboard potentiometer enables adjustable brightness.

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  • Operate with 5V DC
  • Can display 2-lines X 16-characters
  • LCM type: Characters
  • Green/Blue Backlight on Availability
  • Viewing area size: 64.5mm x 16mm
  • Interfacing 16X2 backlight alphanumeric LCD in 4-bit mode
  • Preset to adjust the contrast level of the LCD


The 16×2 Backlight Alphanumeric LCD Module is a versatile display solution suitable for various applications. With its ability to operate on 5V DC, this module can efficiently display two lines of 16 characters each, providing clear and concise information. Its LCM type ensures reliable character rendering, while the availability of green or blue backlight enhances visibility in different lighting conditions. Equipped with a viewing area size of 64.5mm x 16mm, this module offers ample space for displaying essential data. Additionally, the module supports interfacing in 4-bit mode and includes a preset for adjusting the LCD contrast level, ensuring optimal readability.


  • Operates with 5V DC power supply, making it compatible with a wide range of systems.
  • Displays two lines of 16 characters each, facilitating clear and concise information presentation.
  • Utilizes LCM type for reliable character rendering, ensuring accurate display of data.
  • Available with green or blue backlight options for enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions.
  • Features a viewing area size of 64.5mm x 16mm, providing ample space for displaying essential information.
  • Supports interfacing in 4-bit mode, enabling seamless integration with different microcontroller systems.
  • Includes a preset for adjusting the contrast level of the LCD, ensuring optimal readability in different environments.


  • Embedded systems projects requiring alphanumeric display interfaces.
  • Industrial automation systems for displaying real-time data and status information.
  • Consumer electronics products such as digital clocks, thermometers, and weather stations.
  • Educational projects for learning about microcontroller-based display interfaces.
  • DIY electronics projects involving data visualization and user interaction interfaces.




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