Electromagnetic Braking System DIY Kit

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The Electromagnetic Braking System DIY Kit enables frictionless braking using eddy currents generated by nonmagnetic material approaching magnets, offering enhanced safety and efficiency. With components like a 1000 RPM DC Gear Motor and Neodymium Magnets, it provides a hands-on learning experience in electromagnetism and mechanical engineering principles.

  • College Level Project.
  • Totally Hand-made.
  • No Branding.
  • 100% working. Tested by S.R. Robotics.
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The Electromagnetic Braking System DIY Kit utilizes a combination of mechanical and electrical systems to control vehicle brakes without friction, employing eddy currents to create braking action. By harnessing eddy currents generated when nonmagnetic material approaches a magnet, this kit offers frictionless braking, enhancing safety and efficiency in various applications.


  • Utilizes eddy currents for frictionless braking, reducing wear and tear on braking components.
  • Variable magnetism strength of electromagnets enables precise control over braking action.
  • Simple yet effective design facilitates easy assembly and operation, suitable for educational and experimental purposes.
  • Provides hands-on learning experience in electromagnetism and mechanical engineering principles.

Components Included:

  • 1000 RPM DC Gear Motor: Powers the braking system, offering sufficient torque and speed control.
  • Wires: Connect various components for seamless operation and control.
  • Batteries: Supply power to the system for standalone operation, ensuring flexibility and portability.
  • Aluminum Plate: Serves as the nonmagnetic material for generating eddy currents when in proximity to magnets.
  • Neodymium Magnets: Generate magnetic fields to induce eddy currents in the aluminum plate, facilitating braking action.


  • Educational Projects: Ideal for demonstrating principles of electromagnetism and mechanical braking systems in classrooms and laboratories.
  • Prototype Development: Offers a platform for experimenting with alternative braking methods for vehicles and machinery.
  • DIY Enthusiasts: Engaging DIY kit for enthusiasts interested in exploring innovative braking technologies and concepts.
  • Research and Development: Provides a basis for further research into frictionless braking systems for automotive and industrial applications.




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