Single Channel Relay Module

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Single channel AC power relay controlled by 5V signal, handles up to 10A & offers safety features. Ideal for microcontroller development & home appliance control.

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Key Features:

  • Single-channel, SPDT relay: Controls two separate circuits with one control signal.
  • 5V control: Compatible with popular microcontrollers like Arduino.
  • High-level trigger: Requires a positive voltage signal to activate.
  • 10A AC switching capacity: Suitable for controlling powerful appliances.
  • Isolated inputs: Protects sensitive control circuitry.
  • Multiple safety features: Pull-down circuit, triode drive, high impedance controller pin, international safety standards compliance.
  • Indicator lights: Show power supply, control signal, and relay output status.
  • Compact size: 3.8 x 2.6 x 1.8 cm for easy integration into projects.


  • Microcontroller development: Turn on/off devices like motors, lights, and solenoids.
  • Home appliance control: Automate tasks like switching on/off lamps, fans, or heaters.
  • Industrial automation: Control valves, pumps, and other equipment.
  • DIY projects: Build custom control systems for various purposes.