Speed Control of DC Motor with Tachometer

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Speed Control System for DC Motors with Tachometer integrates Arduino NANO, IR sensors, and a 16×2 LCD display for precise motor speed control and real-time RPM monitoring. Featuring bidirectional control, manual adjustment options, and portable operation, it’s ideal for robotics, industrial automation, educational projects, and DIY applications.

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Speed Control System for DC Motors with Tachometer, a versatile solution designed to precisely control the speed of DC motors while providing real-time monitoring of RPM (Rotations Per Minute). This system utilizes advanced components and intelligent control algorithms to enable smooth and efficient motor operation for various applications, from robotics to industrial automation.


  • Utilizes Arduino NANO Microcontroller and IR Sensors for accurate speed control and RPM monitoring of DC motors.
  • Features a 16×2 LCD Display for real-time display of motor speed and system status.
  • Incorporates a potentiometer and switch for manual adjustment and control of motor speed settings.
  • Includes a 7805 Voltage Regulator for stable power supply to the system components.
  • Utilizes a relay for controlling the direction of motor rotation.
  • Features a soldering iron, soldering wire, zero PCB, and connecting wire for circuit assembly and integration.
  • Includes an LED light and buzzer for visual and audible indication of system status and alerts.
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery for portable operation and flexibility in deployment.
  • Utilizes a DC gear motor and L298N motor driver for driving and controlling the DC motor.


  1. Arduino NANO Microcontroller
  2. IR Sensors
  3. 16×2 LCD Display
  4. Potentiometer
  5. Switch
  6. 7805 Voltage Regulator
  7. Relay
  8. Soldering Iron
  9. Soldering Wire
  10. Zero PCB
  11. Connecting Wire
  12. LED Light
  13. Buzzer
  14. Resistor
  15. Rechargeable Battery
  16. DC Gear Motor
  17. L298N Motor Driver
  18. DC Motor


  1. The Arduino NANO Microcontroller reads signals from the IR sensors to detect the speed of the DC motor.
  2. Based on the speed feedback, the microcontroller adjusts the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal sent to the L298N motor driver to control the motor speed.
  3. The 16×2 LCD Display shows real-time RPM readings and allows users to monitor the motor speed.
  4. Users can manually adjust the motor speed using the potentiometer, providing flexibility and fine-tuning control.
  5. The 7805 Voltage Regulator ensures stable power supply to all components, preventing voltage fluctuations and ensuring reliable operation.
  6. The relay controls the direction of motor rotation, enabling bidirectional motor control.
  7. LED lights and a buzzer provide visual and audible feedback on system status, such as motor speed adjustments or error conditions.
  8. The rechargeable battery allows for portable operation, making the system suitable for mobile robotics and other applications.


  • Robotics: Enables precise speed control of DC motors in robotic platforms, enhancing maneuverability and performance.
  • Industrial Automation: Used in conveyor systems, robotic arms, and other industrial equipment for controlling motor speed and monitoring RPM.
  • Educational Projects: Provides a hands-on learning experience for students studying electronics, robotics, and motor control.
  • DIY Projects: Suitable for hobbyists and enthusiasts looking to build custom motorized devices and systems with speed control capabilities.