River Cleaner Robot

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The River Cleaner Robot is an eco-friendly device designed to remove debris and waste materials from water bodies. It uses solar power, remote control, and a conveyer belt mechanism to efficiently collect and transport waste.

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River Cleaner Robot is a solution designed to tackle the pressing issue of water pollution in our rivers. This robot is powered by solar energy and can be controlled remotely from up to 50 meters away. Equipped with a conveyer belt system, it effectively pulls out dirt and debris from the water and collects it on a platform. With its rechargeable battery storing solar power, the robot operates efficiently, ensuring continuous cleaning. The four-wheel control system allows it to navigate the river effortlessly.

Components used:

  • Button: Used to turn the robot on and off.
  • 4 x Wheels: Provide mobility to the robot, allowing it to move around the river.
  • 2 Motors (60 RPM): Drive the conveyer belt, ensuring it operates at the correct speed to collect debris efficiently.
  • Conveyer Belt: Collects and transports debris from the water onto a collection platform.
  • 4 x 200 RPM Gear Motors: Control the movement of the robot, driving the wheels.
  • 8V Solar Plate: Generates power from sunlight, providing an eco-friendly energy source for the robot.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Stores the energy generated by the solar plate and supplies power to the robot’s components.
  • Transmitter and Receiver Circuit: Enables remote control of the robot from up to 50 meters away.

Working of River Cleaner Robot:

  • The 8V solar plate captures sunlight and converts it into electrical energy.
  • This energy is stored in the rechargeable battery. The battery serves as the primary power source, providing energy to all the components of the robot.
  • The transmitter, held by the user, sends control signals to the receiver circuit mounted on the robot. This allows for remote control of the robot up to a 50-meter range.
  • A button on the robot allows the user to power it on and off.
  • The robot has four wheels driven by two 60 RPM motors. The motors are controlled by the signals received from the remote control (transmitter).
  • The user can steer the robot forward, backward, left, and right using the remote control. This is achieved by varying the speed and direction of the motors.
  • The conveyer belt is driven by four 200 RPM gear motors. As the robot moves through the water, the belt rotates, pulling debris from the water surface onto the collection platform.
  • The collected debris is deposited on a platform on the robot, where it is held until the robot is emptied.


  • Water Pollution Control
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Support for Cleanup Initiatives
  • Educational and Awareness Tool
  • Data Collection and Monitoring

For visual demonstration watch the video below: