Gas Leakage Alert System

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The Gas Leakage Alert System swiftly detects and responds to gas leaks, ensuring safety in indoor environments. It features real-time detection, automatic appliance shutdown, audible alarms, and ventilation capabilities for comprehensive hazard mitigation.

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The Gas Leakage Alert System is a vital safety device designed to detect and alert users to the presence of gas leaks in indoor environments. Equipped with advanced sensor technology and intelligent control features, this system ensures prompt response and mitigation of potential hazards.


  • Real-time gas leakage detection
  • Automatic shutdown of electrical appliances in case of gas detection
  • Audible alarm signal generated through a buzzer
  • Activation of exhaust fan to ventilate the area
  • Compact and easy-to-install design


  • Arduino UNO: Acts as the central processing unit for system control
  • Relay Module: Controls the operation of electrical appliances
  • MQ-3 Gas Sensor: Detects the presence of gas leaks
  • LED and DC Motor with fan: Represent household appliances for demonstration
  • CPU Fan: Functions as an exhaust fan for ventilation
  • Buzzer: Generates audible alarm signals


  1. Gas Detection: The MQ-3 Gas Sensor continuously monitors the air for the presence of gas leaks.
  2. System Response: Upon detecting a gas leak, the system activates the relay module to shut down electrical appliances, ensuring safety.
  3. Alarm Activation: A buzzer emits audible alarm signals to alert occupants of the detected gas leak.
  4. Ventilation: To expel the gas and maintain air quality, the CPU fan is activated to serve as an exhaust fan, facilitating ventilation and dispersal of the gas.


  • Residential homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Restaurants and kitchens

Watch the video to understand the working of this System: