Energy Generation using Speed Breaker

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Energy Generation using Speed Breaker, a project for electrical students, converting vehicle kinetic energy into electricity with a gear mechanism. It offers hands-on experience in sustainable energy solutions and includes an unbranded submission package for academic presentations.

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Energy Generation using Speed Breaker, a pioneering project tailored for electrical students aiming to delve into sustainable energy solutions. This innovative system ingeniously converts the kinetic energy generated by vehicles traversing over a speed breaker into electricity, employing a simple yet efficient gear mechanism. With its emphasis on practical application and environmental consciousness, this project serves as a cornerstone for students’ exploration of renewable energy sources.


  • Kinetic Energy Conversion: Utilizes a speed breaker equipped with a gear mechanism to efficiently transform vehicle kinetic energy into electricity, offering a sustainable power generation solution.
  • Educational Platform: Designed specifically for electrical students, providing hands-on experience in renewable energy technologies and practical application of electrical engineering principles.
  • Real-world Applications: Offers insights into the integration of green technology in urban infrastructure, with potential applications in energy-efficient transportation systems and smart city initiatives.
  • Hands-on Learning Experience: Provides students with an opportunity to work with coils, permanent magnets, and gear mechanisms, fostering a deeper understanding of energy conversion and electrical power generation.


  • Sustainable Energy Solution: Converts vehicle kinetic energy into electricity, contributing to sustainable power generation and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Educational Tool: Equips electrical students with practical experience in renewable energy technologies, enhancing their skills and knowledge in the field.
  • Professional Presentation: Offers an unbranded submission package for academic presentations, ensuring a polished and professional showcase of students’ work.
  • Environmental Impact: Promotes environmental consciousness and awareness of renewable energy sources, encouraging sustainable practices and innovation.


  • Energy Generation using Speed Breaker offers a transformative platform for electrical students to explore and implement renewable energy solutions.
  • This project empowers students to make meaningful contributions to the transition towards a more sustainable future.