Bluetooth Control Robot using Mobile App (Touch based)

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The Bluetooth Control Robot is a versatile mobile-controlled robot designed for seamless operation via a dedicated mobile app, featuring touch-based controls. It combines components like Arduino UNO, HC 05 Bluetooth Module, and DC gear motors to offer intuitive navigation and expandable functionality.

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The Bluetooth Control Robot is a versatile mobile-controlled robot designed for seamless operation via a mobile app. Featuring an array of components such as an Arduino UNO and HC 05 Bluetooth Module, it offers an engaging platform for exploring robotics and mobile technology integration.


  • Mobile Control: Operate the robot wirelessly through a dedicated mobile app, providing touch-based control for intuitive navigation.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with various smartphones and tablets, offering flexibility in device selection for control.
  • Robust Construction: Built on a sturdy wooden chassis, ensuring durability and stability during operation.
  • Easy Assembly: Simple soldering and wiring make assembly accessible for beginners and enthusiasts alike.
  • Expandable Design: Easily expandable with additional sensors and modules for enhanced functionality and customization.


  • Arduino UNO: Acts as the brain of the robot, processing commands from the mobile app.
  • HC 05 Bluetooth Module: Facilitates wireless communication between the robot and the mobile device.
  • L298N Motor Driver: Controls the DC gear motors for precise movement and direction.
  • DC Gear Motor: Drives the robot’s movement on various surfaces.
  • 7805 Voltage Regulator: Stabilizes the voltage to ensure consistent performance.
  • Soldering Iron and Wire: Essential tools for assembling and connecting components.
  • 9V Battery and Cap: Powers the robot for untethered operation.
  • DC Jack: Provides a connection point for external power sources.
  • Wooden Chassis: Provides a sturdy base for mounting components and ensures durability.


  1. Connect the components according to the provided circuit diagram.
  2. Pair the HC 05 Bluetooth Module with the mobile device using the mobile app.
  3. Launch the mobile app and establish a connection with the robot.
  4. Use the touch-based controls on the mobile app to send commands to the Arduino UNO.
  5. The Arduino UNO interprets the commands and sends corresponding signals to the L298N Motor Driver.
  6. The motor driver controls the DC gear motors, enabling the robot to move according to the user’s input.


  • Education: Ideal for STEM education, allowing students to learn about robotics, Bluetooth technology, and mobile app development.
  • Entertainment: Provides entertainment and engagement for hobbyists and enthusiasts interested in robotics and DIY projects.
  • Research: Offers a platform for exploring and experimenting with mobile-controlled robotic systems for academic and research purposes.