Automatic Parking System (Automatic Vehicle Parking Station)

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Automatic Parking System is a sophisticated solution designed for computer science, electronics, and IT students seeking to explore the intersection of hardware and software technologies. This project seamlessly integrates IR sensors for vehicle detection and a servo motor-equipped entrance door, offering a hands-on learning experience in automated access control.

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Automatic Parking System, a cutting-edge solution designed to simplify and automate the parking process. Powered by an Arduino UNO, this system utilizes IR sensors to detect vehicle presence, a servo motor to manage barriers, and an LCD display for real-time status updates. This innovative system provides a seamless and efficient parking experience, ideal for smart parking lots, garages, and automated car parks.

Key Features:

  • Automated Operation: Hassle-free parking with minimal human intervention.
  • Real-Time Status: LCD display provides instant updates on parking availability.
  • Precision Control: Servo motor ensures accurate and smooth barrier movement.
  • Enhanced Detection: IR sensors reliably detect vehicle presence and position.
  • Versatile Power Supply: Operates with a standard DC adapter.
  • Compact Design: Integrates easily into various parking environments.

Components Used:

  • Arduino UNO: The central controller for the system.
  • IR Sensors: Detect vehicle presence and position.
  • Car Model: Simulates real-world vehicle interaction.
  • LCD Display: Shows real-time parking status and system information.
  • Servo Motor: Controls the movement of the parking barrier.
  • DC Adapter: Provides a stable power supply to the system.


  • The Arduino UNO receives input from the IR sensors detecting the presence and position of the car.
  • Based on sensor input, the Arduino UNO processes the data and sends signals to the servo motor.
  • The servo motor adjusts the parking barrier accordingly, allowing or restricting vehicle entry.
  • The LCD display shows real-time updates, such as available spaces and system status.
  • The system is powered by a DC adapter, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.


  • Smart Parking Lots: Automate vehicle entry and exit to improve efficiency.
  • Residential Garages: Enhance security and convenience for home parking.
  • Commercial Parking Facilities: Optimize space utilization and management.
  • Event Venues: Streamline parking processes for large gatherings.
  • Public Parking Spaces: Provide a user-friendly and automated parking solution.