Pani Puri PCB Circuit With Sensor

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This circuit is built to be used in making an Automatic Pani Puri Machine. The product enables customers to self- serve easily. Here, the sensor works efficiently to automate the serving process making the service faster. This allows the businessmen to scale their business.

  • 100% working. Tested by S.R. Robotics.
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  • Pump and adaptor are not included in this kit. We provide only circuit with sensor.
  • Operating Voltage is 12 volt (2 Amp -7 Amp).
  • You can operate this machine by manual switch and also work with sensor (automatic sensor).
  • You can also set time (1 sec – 5 sec) and distance (5cm – 15cm) in this machine
  • You can also use external battery 12 volt (7.5 Amp).



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