Password based Circuit Breaker

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Password-Based Circuit Breaker for secure remote management of electrical circuits, featuring an Arduino Uno, relay module, numpad input, and LCD display for real-time feedback. Enhance control and safety in various environments with this innovative system, suitable for home automation, industrial control, security systems, and energy conservation applications.

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Password-Based Circuit Breaker, designed to provide enhanced security and control over electrical circuits. This system allows users to remotely manage the operation of electrical devices by entering a secure password, ensuring safety and convenience in various environments.

Key Features:

  • Secure password-based access control for managing electrical circuits.
  • Utilizes an Arduino Uno microcontroller for efficient control and programming flexibility.
  • Four-channel relay module for switching multiple AC electrical devices.
  • Compatibility with standard numpads for user input.
  • Real-time feedback through a 16×2 LCD display for user interaction and system status monitoring.
  • Incorporates a rectifier circuit, transformer, and LM7805 voltage regulator for stable power supply.

Components Used:

  • Numpad: Allows users to input secure passwords for circuit control.
  • Arduino Uno: Microcontroller for processing user input and controlling relay modules.
  • 4 Channel Relay Module: Enables switching of multiple AC electrical devices.
  • AC Bulbs with Holder: Electrical devices controlled by the circuit breaker.
  • Transformer: Converts voltage levels for powering the circuit.
  • Rectifier Circuit: Converts AC to DC for stable power supply.
  • LM7805 Voltage Regulator: Maintains a constant 5V output for powering components.
  • 16×2 LCD Display Circuit: Provides real-time feedback and status monitoring.


  1. User inputs a secure password using the numpad.
  2. The Arduino Uno processes the password input and compares it with the stored password.
  3. If the password matches, the Arduino triggers the relay module to activate or deactivate the corresponding AC electrical device.
  4. Real-time feedback on the status of the circuit and device operation is displayed on the 16×2 LCD display.
  5. The rectifier circuit converts AC power from the transformer into DC power, which is regulated by the LM7805 voltage regulator for stable operation.
  6. In case of incorrect password input or unauthorized access attempts, the system remains locked, preventing operation of the circuit breaker.


  • Home automation: Allows users to remotely control and manage electrical devices such as lights, fans, and appliances.
  • Industrial control: Provides secure access control for machinery and equipment in industrial settings.
  • Security systems: Enhances security by allowing authorized personnel to control access to specific areas or devices.
  • Energy conservation: Enables users to efficiently manage energy usage by controlling electrical devices based on user-defined schedules or conditions.