Automatic Traffic Light System with Emergency Vehicle Detection

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Automatic Traffic Light System with Emergency Vehicle Detection integrates IR sensors and TSOP modules with Arduino UNO, facilitating efficient traffic management and prioritizing emergency vehicles at intersections, enhancing road safety and emergency response effectiveness, applicable for urban planning and public safety initiatives.

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Automatic Traffic Light System with Emergency Vehicle Detection, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance traffic management and prioritize emergency vehicles on the road. This system combines advanced sensors and automation to ensure smooth traffic flow while efficiently detecting and prioritizing emergency vehicles.


  • Utilizes Arduino UNO for precise control and automation of the traffic light system.
  • Incorporates IR sensors for vehicle detection and TSOP module for receiving signals from emergency vehicle transmitters.
  • LED lights provide clear and visible signals to motorists, indicating traffic light status and emergency vehicle priority.
  • User-friendly IR remote allows for manual control and adjustments of the traffic light system.
  • Resistor ensures proper voltage regulation and component protection within the system.


  • Arduino UNO
  • IR Sensor
  • TSOP Module
  • IR Remote
  • LED Light
  • Resistor


  1. IR sensors detect the presence of vehicles at intersections, triggering the traffic light sequence accordingly.
  2. TSOP module receives signals from emergency vehicle transmitters, signaling the traffic light system to prioritize their passage.
  3. Arduino UNO processes sensor data and controls the LED lights to display appropriate signals, including green lights for normal traffic flow and special signals for emergency vehicles.
  4. In manual mode, users can use the IR remote to override the automated system and make adjustments as needed.
  5. The resistor ensures proper voltage regulation and protects components from damage, ensuring reliable operation.


  • Traffic Management: Enhances traffic flow and safety at intersections by automating traffic light sequencing and prioritizing emergency vehicles.
  • Emergency Response: Facilitates quicker response times for emergency vehicles by giving them priority at intersections, improving overall emergency service effectiveness.
  • Urban Planning: Provides valuable data on traffic patterns and intersection usage, aiding in urban infrastructure planning and development.
  • Public Safety: Contributes to overall public safety by reducing congestion and improving traffic flow, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents and delays.

Watch this video to understand the System: