Automatic Engine Locking System

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The Automatic Engine Locking System is a safety device designed to prevent drunk driving incidents by detecting alcohol levels in the driver’s breath and automatically locking the engine if alcohol is detected. It features components such as a Motor Driver, Buzzer, BO Gear Motor, MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor, and a 9V Battery for efficient operation and reliable performance.

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The Automatic Engine Locking System is an innovative solution designed to enhance safety and prevent drunk driving incidents. This system utilizes advanced technology to detect alcohol levels in the driver’s breath and automatically lock the engine if alcohol is detected, ensuring responsible driving habits.


  • Utilizes a Motor Driver for controlling the locking mechanism.
  • Includes a Buzzer for audible alerts and notifications.
  • Features a BO Gear Motor for efficient engine locking.
  • Equipped with an MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor for accurate alcohol level detection.
  • Powered by a 9V Battery for portability and convenience.


  1. Motor Driver
  2. Buzzer
  3. BO Gear Motor
  4. MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor
  5. 9V Battery


  • The MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor continuously monitors the alcohol levels in the vicinity.
  • If the sensor detects alcohol in the driver’s breath above a predefined threshold, it sends a signal to the Motor Driver.
  • The Motor Driver then activates the BO Gear Motor to lock the engine, preventing the vehicle from starting.
  • Simultaneously, the Buzzer emits audible alerts to notify the driver of the engine locking.


  • Enhances safety by preventing drunk driving incidents.
  • Suitable for installation in vehicles, including cars, trucks, and other automobiles.
  • Ideal for use in fleet management systems to enforce responsible driving practices.
  • Can be implemented in public transportation vehicles to ensure passenger safety.